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  • SiteStar with 2017 Estimates & 2022 Projections

  • National Coverage

  • Unlimited Demographic Reports & Mapping

  • GPS Capability

  • Reports in Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF

  • Works with MapInfo Professional 8.0 or higher




menu dropdown GPS menu GPS tracking mode






located site in GPS mode by pressing spacebar run report dialog report sent to Excel

SiteStar GPS/GIS Demographics Software





SiteStar in Mobile GPS Mode

SiteStar is the first GPS enabled Demographics and Mapping Software of its kind. SiteStar is a GPS (Global Positioning System) / GIS (Geographic Information System) system. GPS tracking allows you to drive to a site location, press the spacebar on your laptop or tablet PC and run reports on-site.


SiteStar in mobile GPS mode

This is made possible by the use of the GPS receiver that plugs into your laptop or tablet PC via a USB port. GPS tracks your location which means you no longer have to search for addresses or make phone calls back and forth to the office for information. SiteStar allows you to make informed decisions faster and easier than ever before.

SiteStar in Office Desktop Mode

SiteStar is also a desktop demographics and mapping system for the office. Now you can run unlimited demographic reports and maps in-house. Create radius reports by address, intersection, city, zip code, or simply point and click on the map using the Site Tool. Run trade area reports by County, MSA, Municipal Boundary, Place, or Custom Trade Areas you define. You can even bring back saved locations from the road and load them into your desktop for further analysis and mapping.

SiteStar in office

desktop mode





See SiteStar running on a Netbook with Intel Atom 1.6Ghz processer, 1GB Ram and 160GB HD

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