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SiteStar Version 1.0 for MapInfo Professional 8.0 or above




  • Easy to use user-friendly interface

  • Unlimited Demographic Reports and Mapping

  • Full Demographic Profile (8 pages + color ring map)

  • Executive Summary (1 page + color ring map)

  • Consumer Expenditure (6 pages + color ring map)

  • Radii Reports with no radius limitations

  • Locate sites by address, intersection, city name, or zip code

  • Site Tool - Allows you to locate sites for radius reports by simply pointing and clicking on the map.

  • Database - Store site and / or map locations for later recall. Save important info such as phone numbers, leasing, or ownership info.

  • Polygon Reports - Counties, Zip Codes, MSAs, Municipal Boundaries and Places

  • Automatic Trade Area Selection for polygons - Allows you to type the name of the County, Zip Code, MSA, Municipal Boundary or place into the dialog and your computer will find and select it for reporting.

  • Polygon Tool - Allows you to create custom trade areas for reporting

  • Variable Shaded Maps - Easily shade and analyze maps by any variable (population, income, race, households, age, etc.)

  • Variable Shaded Map Range Profiles - Allows you to customize the shading ranges and save the way your maps are shaded.

  • Map Profiles - Allows you set up map layers and save the way your map looks without altering workspaces

  • Daytime Demographics

  • Ability to use your own corporate logo in report headings

  • Create competition maps with logos

  • GPS capability - Tracks your laptop location so you can run reports quickly and easily on the road without having to know addresses or intersections. Simply press the spacebar and SiteStar automatically imports the coordinates wherever you are.

Map Layers

  • State Boundaries

  • County Boundaries

  • Micropolitan Statistical Areas

  • Metropolitan Statistical Areas

  • Place Boundaries

  • Parks

  • Landmarks

  • Airports

  • Military Regions

  • Native Lands

  • Unified School Districts

  • Secondary School Districts

  • Elementary School Districts

  • Urbanized Areas

  • Census Tracts

  • Census Block Groups

  • Zip Code Tabulation Areas

  • Water Features

  • Water Lines

  • Railroads


  • Secondary Highways

  • Primary Highways

  • Roads

  • Minor Civil Divisions

  • Towers

  • Military Points

  • Manmade Geographic Features

  • Landmarks

  • Locales

  • Hospitals

  • Churches

  • Cemeteries

  • Buildings

  • Parks

  • Schools

  • Transportation Centers

  • Populated Places

  • Highway Shields



  • Traffic Counts

  • Aerials

  • Postal Zip Code Boundaries and Points

  • Chain Store Guide Data

  • Additional GPS receiver

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