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SiteStar Version 1.0 for MapInfo Professional 8.0 or above





Have questions about SiteStar? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Q. Why do I need MapInfo Professional?

A. SiteStar is a software plug-in for MapInfo. SiteStar controls MapInfo which is the mapping platform.


Q. What market areas are available for SiteStar?

A. National, Regional, State, or custom areas may be setup for SiteStar.


Q. What about traffic counts and aerials?

A. SiteStar is designed to work with any map layer that is in MapInfo format.


Q. How can I speed up reporting time?

A. MapInfo is dependant upon processor speed for numerous calculations. A faster processor will increase reporting speed. Our testing has determined that SiteStar and MapInfo will run faster on a processor with a higher speed rating than a processor with a slower speed rating and more cores.


Q. I already have GPS for my car. Can I use it to operate SiteStar?

A. No. SiteStar uses a USB type GPS receiver to plug into a laptop or tablet PC. We recommend using the GPS receiver that comes with SiteStar.


Q. I just need a desktop system. Can I order SiteStar without GPS?

A. Yes. You will not be charged for the GPS receiver.


Q. Can I load SiteStar on my laptop AND my desktop?

A. Yes. The license agreement allows you to place the software on both computers.


Q. I want to resell reports. Can I do this?

A. No. Output from SiteStar may only be shared internally within your company or with your clients. See the End User License Agreement.

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