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In this economy you need to know your location to minimize risk and market your properties effectively.

Get demographic reports for any US location. Run demographic reports by radius, drivetime, zip code, city, trade area, county or MSA. Now you can compare demographic reports for  site selection. Use the reports to market your properties, and make informed decisions. Get the facts on population, income, daytime population and more with our up to date demographics. Save time and money with DemoReports. Your office can be more productive and realize a cost-effective solution for your market research.

Demographics Software - If you need unlimited reporting, then our new demographics software with GPS is an unparalleled solution. Not only can you run unlimited reports at the office, but SiteStar's GPS capability pinpoints your location and saves time on the road. Press the spacebar on your laptop and generate a report onsite!

Online Demographic Reports - A cost-effective solution for those that would rather have demographic service. Just provide us with addresses, intersections, or geographic boundaries and we do the work. Up to 4 radii per report. Reports are presentation quality and are delivered in convenient PDF format for easy e-mailing and forwarding. If a radius does not fit your criteria, custom trade area (polygon) reports are also available.

Demographics Software and Service

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Make informed decisions by using DemoReports

  • Retailers - Expanding? Know if there is enough population in the city demographics to support a new location. Order demographic reports based on the Census.

  • Landlords - Buying, Selling, Leasing? Market your US properties effectively by including demo reports in your marketing materials.

  • Investors - Buying property or just looking? Know if the property fits leasing requirements before you buy it.  Order a census report yourself.

  • RE Brokers - Have an important meeting? Show your clients the facts on potential site locations by using demographics.

  • Restauranteurs - Expanding? Get a demographic report with Daytime Population to indicate potential lunchtime business.

  • Marketing/Advertising - Need to know what markets your advertising budget is best spent? DemoReports can help you with your market research.

  • Finance - Determine if lending on a specific property is a good risk.

  • Appraisal - Give more accurate appraisals on commercial properties.




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